How to make the Perfect Coffee

The caffeine industry has been ruling the world since forever now and there are still millions in the world who cannot get enough of it. Making a perfect coffee by themselves is one of the major things that always runs in a coffee lover’s head. How can you make a perfect cup of coffee? Here’s how!

Always go for Whole Bean Coffee

Always prefer whole beans over when it comes to pre-ground coffee. Whole bean coffee is the recommended beans for coffees and should be grinded before brewing. It is worth the extra effort. If you use pre-ground coffee, you might end up losing your flavour.

Store the beans away from light, heat and moisture

The coffee beans always come vaccum-sealed bags. When those bags open, it allows gases to escape and also allows oxygen to get in. You might not want to make it long and use it under two weeks after opening. Be sure to keep your beans away from light, heat and moisture. Store the beans in a dark, cool and dry place.

Get a good coffee maker and burr grinder

For grinding coffee, a manual or an automatic grinder will be good enough. However, burr grinders provide a more consistent grind. For every six ounces of water, use two tablespoons of coffee for a standard grinder.

Watch your water-to-grind ratio

Make sure the boiling temperature is between 195 – 205 degrees. The water should be at least filtered, for better taste. The time you take for your coffee to steep depends on many factors like the type of pot being used, type of grounds, and more. The standard is three minutes.

So in a nutshell the whole process goes like:

  • Opt for speciality-sealrr whole beans
  • Meanwhile, heat water to 200 degrees
  • Put the grinds into speciality filter
  • Steep or drip for 3 minutes.